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What is WinGesures?

WinGestures is a simple to use tool that makes working with the computer more efficient and easy by mapping often used shortcuts to mouse gestures. When pressing a specific mouse button the window appears. You can navigate through the pages by moving the mouse to the directions shown by the arrows.

Everyone can easily add functionality to this tool by developing an Extension dll in VB or C# with my already set up template. 

In the "Downloads" section I provide templates for creating an Extension as well as some examples for that.


Note: The Project is not yet finished. It's just a preview so far. 

Please let me know which functions you'd like me to add and what errors or nonsense you found. Or just tell me your general opinion if you like to.

Philipp Schimmelfennig



  • Multi language support
  • Possibility to change specific values for the behaviour of the program
  • Easily extensible for every area of ​​use
  • Nice Animations

Change Log

  • Now provides the active window's handle to Extensions
  • fixed bug: Settings wouldn't load when WinGestures is started from Desktop
  • updated standard extensions


  • Rewrite the ViewModel for Extensions for TreeViews in "Settings"
  • Add functionality to manipulate and save the Menus in "Settings"
  • Pass HotKey to active Program if it's just pressed for a certain time
  • Add functionality to provide the active window's handle to the Extensions

Future Features

  • A section that changes with the currently used programm

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